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Welcome to New Haven Communities

These vibrant retirement communities are nestled in the heart of Kenyan cities, specifically designed to cater to retirees transitioning from America and across the globe. Offering a unique fusion of comfort, culture, and care, New Haven Communities are the perfect place to embrace a peaceful and fulfilling retired life while experiencing the richness of life in Kenya.

Because we believe you are worth it!!!

You have been out of the country for a long time. You have worked hard. Now you
are ready to relax.

We got you!!. Come Home to The New Haven gated community.

3 Bedrooms Bungalow all in suite
Open floor plan with attached garage
Spacious SQ
Amenities. Gated Community with Electric Fence
24 hour security guards
24 hours Camera severance
Beautiful Landscaping
Close to a Main Road

Who Is This For???

1. You live in Diaspora outside Kenya
2. You aspire to retire in style in Kenya
3. You dream to have your own beautiful home and a community of like minded

HOAs Fees: To pay security guards, Security cameras, landscaping and

Action Steps

1. Choose your desired Retirement city ( Nakuru, Nanyuki, Ngong, Malindi, Kitale, Gilgil, )

2. Choose your plot: 50×100

3. Choose your payment plan.

4. Pay for the Plot and then for the Building: ( we facilitate Bank loans to build once you have paid for the plot)

5. Get your title and your key

At New Haven Communities, we offer more than just a place to live.

We provide a warm, welcoming environment where retirees can immerse themselves in Kenyan culture while enjoying the comforts of an American-style retirement community. Experience the tranquil landscapes, vibrant culture, and friendly faces that Kenya has to offer, all while enjoying the comfort and camaraderie of a retirement community designed with you in mind.

At New Haven Communities, you’re not just retiring; you’re beginning an exciting new chapter in your life’s journey.

PLAN your retirement

DESIGN your retirement

LIVE your retirement

We are here to help you because we believe you are worth it!!


Welcome Home

About The Owner

At the heart of our vision is Dorothy Mwihaki Gathungu McPherson, a Kenyan native who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the community.

As a Certified John Maxwell teacher, coach, and speaker, Dorothy uses her wisdom to cultivate an atmosphere of continuous growth and learning. She understands the importance of health and happiness, particularly in our golden years.

With over 30 years of experience as a seasoned executive, Dorothy masterfully leads a dedicated team committed to making your transition from America to Kenya seamless.

Whether it’s helping you with logistics, understanding local customs, or finding your way around, we’ve got you covered.

dorothy mcpherson kenya housing community leader

“I was born in Kenya, where I immigrated to the USA 30 years ago. I am married with 3 adult children. I am also a Registered nurse by profession and a Healthcare business owner for the last 25 years. I fully understand the Diaspora struggle, especially for those of us without adequate support in Kenya.

We have supported our families back home, paid school fees for many, supported our parents, and maybe even buried our parents.

What is next??? Who will be there for you and me? This is a Diaspora for
Diaspora Project. We will move differently and put your needs first by charging pocket-friendly prices.

We will work with you and facilitate funding when possible, and you can trust us to deliver you a beautiful Retirement Home. Guaranteed!”

Dorothy Mwihaki Gathungu McPherson, Owner

New Haven Communities | Contact: (316) 992-3381| Email: dorothy@progressivecare.com